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Sell Electric Bikes Australia

Are you looking to buy an electric bike for business or for pleasure riding? If so, electric bikes are very popular with Australians of all ages, and Rilu e-Bikes has extensive stocks of a wide variety of electric bikes available.

We sell electric bikes in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Each bike is constructed from the highest quality of branded materials. No matter if you want an electric delivery bike, commuter bike or any other kind of e-bike, chances are we have them in stock and ready to ship to the nearest Rilu e-Bike retailer.

Shop for Electric Bikes with Rilu e-Bikes

At Rilu e-Bikes, we help our customers buy electric bikes that are perfect for delivery, commuting, leisure, or improving lifestyles. When you ride one of our electric bikes, you become part a green and more environmentally friendly way of moving around.

Some Rilu e-Bikes have 2 batteries for a long range of electrically assisted transport and are ideal for tourism and for delivery businesses. In addition to the high battery capacity, they have wide tires and saddles for comfort and an easy to get on and off step-through frame

We seamlessly combine performance, comfort and style with our electric bikes, backed by extensive warranties and a satisfaction guarantee. No matter your age or shape, you’ll find the perfect electric bikes from Rilu e-Bikes.

Choose Electric Commuter Bikes for a Green Alternative

The green movement is thriving throughout Australia, and you can join in by buying an electric commuter bike and using it in place of a traditional vehicle. It’ll carry you to work, uni, the store or anywhere else you need to go. The flexible design ensures you can ride in comfort for hours without getting stiff or sore.

When you purchase from Rilu e-Bikes, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind, that comes with knowing you’re getting a high-quality vehicle that will withstand wear and tear. We use the best materials, combined with years of experience in manufacture, to sell exceptional electric bikes to our customers. In addition, we make sure the owner of a Rilu e-Bike has a detailed user manual to assist in the maintenance and servicing of that particular model.

Buy Your Next Electric Folding Bike from Rilu e-Bikes

At Rilu e-Bikes, we’ve built a solid reputation as one of Australia’s premier electric folding bike manufacturers. This is in no small part due to our exceptional customer service provided by a national network of experienced retailers.

We invite you to drop by your nearest Rilu e-Bike vendor in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, or Perth, to view our extensive range of electric bicycles. If you have concerns, questions, or you’re not sure which electric bike will work best for you, contact us today through our contact page, or toll-free by phone on 1800 MY RILU.